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Surprise !!!

Posted on February 4, 2018 by Rebecca Rodney Photography under Uncategorized

What better birthday present than a photoshoot! Right?

Recently Sarah booked one of my mini location shoots for her boyfriend Josh. This was a birthday present for Josh and the only information he was given was “30mins, in cursed park, with Sarahs 27  year old science teacher”. I’m not sure what poor Josh thought his present was but I don’t think I would of been overjoyed if someone had given me that information as my present haha.

When Josh got out of the car I’m not sure what he thought seeing me stood there with my camera. It took a bit for the surprise to wear off, but eventually Josh and Sarah really relaxed into their photoshoot.

Knowing both of them are members of WADAMs and having seen them both perform on stage, I thought it would be a very dramatical and staged shoot. How wrong was I !!! Both Josh and Sarah were very natural and just went with the flow of things, laughing and joking along and doing pretty much whatever I asked (performers are always good at taking direction).

I had a brilliant time with these two lovely teenagers, they were polite and respectful, but most importantly we had fun. There was an incident where I encouraged Josh to climb a tree and we were all slightly worried whether an ambulance would be required trying to get him down.

I hope you both had a great time and love the results. Thank you Sarah for putting your trust in me and thank you Josh for being a great sport.





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