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Prom Night

Posted on July 6, 2018 by Rebecca Rodney Photography under Portraiture, Uncategorized

These are the best years of your life..

We’ve all heard it before, school days are some of the best you will ever have. To which most of us responded “I can’t wait to leave this place”. Now on the other side it makes sense, it literally is some of the best days of your life. Spending everyday with your best friends. So what better way to finish that time in your life than with a huge celebration.


Prom night is chance to celebrate the end of exams and to have the best time with your friends, before starting the next chapter of your life. The girls had been planning this for months, hair, make up, nails, shoes, the dress and most importantly … Who is going to be my date?

On Thursday 28thJune, I arrived at the Greenhill Hotel Wigton and was amazed. The giant prom balloons caught my eye immediately, followed by a room which was spectacularly laid out (it was like a wedding!). Miss Kinrade, Miss Mulgrew and Mrs Mitchell had put in so much effort to make this night perfect for the pupils, the staff at the Greenhill were also fantastic.

















The pupils arrived and I was blown away by what I saw, the girls oozed class. There was such a range of dresses and hairstyles, they were stylish and beautiful. The boys all looked very dapper, all ties pulled tight and top buttons fastened (it has only took them 5 years of nagging to realise what we want them to look like).

Being asked to photograph St Josephs school prom was an honour, it showed my pupils trusted me and saw more to me than what happens in the classroom. The night was filled with dancing and lots of laughter, I’m sure memories were made that will last a lifetime. It was also emotional for me as these beautiful, kind, talented young men and women were once a group of tiny year 7s who I taught as a student teacher, to see them develop and become my year 11s has been an amazing journey and they will all be truly missed.


So although this is an end of an era for you all, just remember …


The future will always be bright when you stay focussed, optimistic and confident!


Good luck year 11, the world is your oyster… go explore it.


Miss Rodney


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