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How amazing are Mams?

Posted on March 31, 2019 by Rebecca Rodney Photography under Uncategorized

Mam, Mummy, Mother, Ma…

The list is endless but the meaning is the same. 

The title is not easy to come by, some people with this name may of battled with infertility, miscarriage, adoption and even the loss of a child. Some may be holding on to their own children, while grieving the loss of their beloved mother. Some may still be longing for this title, so desperately sought by many. 

During my drive home from Cheadle after a brilliant training session with the fabulous Gary Hill my creative brain was in overdrive. I was desperate to put my new lighting skills into practise but wanted to make a project out of something meaningful.

Each time I thought of something my mind was brought back to my own Mam. Recently I have been sorting through old photos and realised the person that brought me into the world was generally behind the lens instead of in front of it. 

Now in the modern age we do see more images of mothers with their newborn babies, but soon after this one off shoot they retreat back behind the lens, capturing the memories of everyone else. When you hit late teens and in to your 20’s you then find girls begin to get more photos with their mam (usually selfies of some sort or drinking cocktails), but again at big family events Mam is usually taking the photos and avoiding the lens. 

My question is why? 

I’m not a mother so I don’t really know the answer, but I had so many reasons in my head…

They are too busy making sure everyone else is in the photo, everyone is clean/happy/smiling?

They are doing other jobs and just don’t have the time?

They are taking the picture?

But my mind kept bringing me back to the thought that they didn’t want to be seen, they didn’t feel beautiful enough, they are ashamed of how they look or even that they are too tired.

You hear mam’s all the time saying “don’t get me in I look awful” or “I will ruin the picture”, hearing this always makes me sad. How does it make you feel? 

Women are amazing!!! And I want to say you are beautiful enough!

Without them our species would cease to exist, yet day in day out they question themselves and their beauty. A mother is strong, loving and selfless

We all have one, but how often do we stop to appreciate them? To capture a memory with them? To hug them?

Often we notice the woman missing from the family photos when it is too late to get her in them. I know many amazing mothers out there and sadly many who are no longer here. So this feature is for them. 

Stripped back, pure love

The bond between a mother and a child.

I hope these portraits show the emotional bond between a mother and her child, no matter what the age. 

We dedicate a full day to these women who raise us to celebrate and honour the sacrifices they made for us. 

You are amazing! Who else can comfort you with a hug, reassure you with a look, support you no matter where in the world you are. Who else would do your washing, cook you dinner, pick you up when you fall, be a constant shoulder to cry on, pull you in to line when you need guidance and fuss about you long after you’ve grown and left home?

Right now some mothers will be gleaming with joy, others at their whit’s end trying not to pull their newly greyed hair from their heads, others will be suffering immense pain that only a mother can feel. Mother’s day is a day for you all.

Thank you.

And specifically Thank you to my amazing Mam and friends for braving being at the end of my lens to create these beautiful portraits. 

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