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Here’s to the dancers who dance because they LOVE it !

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Rebecca Rodney Photography under Dancing


So as many of you know photography is not my only love. Dancing has always been the centre of my world for as long as I can remember. I feel like I was blessed to be brought up with a huge extended family through dancing and love that many people I met through dancing are still a big part of my life now.

Since starting this journey setting up my photography business it has been niggling away at me to take the time to photograph my one other passion. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take some of my own wonderful pupils on a mini photoshoot. Our dance classes are based in the lovely little coastal town of Maryport so we wanted to stay local and I decided to make use of the harbour side.

We prayed for no rain on Friday and were really blessed with the weather (however I’m sure the girls would disagree). After the pupils’ dance classes ended we bundle the dancers and dance bags into our cars and drive down to the harbour side. Although it was dry it wasn’t too warm (4℃) and the girls were really braving it taking their shoes and socks off. At first, they weren’t too keen, luckily, we were prepared and the sat huddled with their blankets sharing body heat whilst taking it in turns to get their photographs taken (this can be seen from the behind the scenes image).


After a while they really started getting into the swing of things, the girls were offering up ideas and helping create the images they envisioned whilst helping me create the images I hoped for. The girls all had the opportunity to have some single shots taken and of course some group shots.




















As the sun started to set we decided to make our way towards the water’s edge, intentions were to get our feet wet a little but toes were already turning blue so we just took a few final shots before the girls dashed off to the cars to warm up.



Teenage years are such an interesting time of life. It’s easy to become egocentric and just keep the focus on yourself but it was so clear watching these girls how much love they have for each other. They are a family and sometimes day to day we fail to see the connection they all have, they encourage each other and compliment each other but most importantly they support each other.

We had so much fun in just a few hours, we all laughed from start to finish. The behind the scenes helpers really kept spirits high when the girls felt too cold to function. When I got in the car to come home from this shoot I sat for a moment and smiled, my heart was happy and I was bursting with pride. Every week I spend hours with these young girls but today I was reminded how special each of them are and what beautiful humans they are all developing into. I’m not saying they are perfect and they sure do push my buttons at times, but they are kind, caring, fun, loving, talented and beautiful individuals, each with their own personalities which make them special to me.

The best part of this whole session was to see the girls sharing the group pictures and telling their social media followers how lucky they are to have an amazing dancing family <3

So, at the end of this I need to say a huge Thank you to all the girls for freezing their butts off and sharing their talent with me. We are already planning our next session for when the weather is a bit warmer and my head is full of ideas!

Thanks for reading x

Credit to my amazing models- Amelia Fox, Anna Woolaghan, Elise Penman, Kacie Winter, Emily-May Allison, Rebecca Fox, Darcy Humes, Ellie Skillen and Faith Traverse.


And the helpers – Theresa Rodney, Loren Moore and Rhiana Humes

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